Without Boxes Podcast

Find Your Foundation

Episode Summary

Nicole Abramowski discusses building strong foundations and developing new perspectives when childhood ones shift and change.

Episode Notes

Many of us grow up and away from the foundations we once took for granted. How do you reconcile with these changes and shifts in perspective, accepting your history while growing into a stronger person? On today’s episode, Kat Franchino interviews Nicole Abramowski of Unsettled Down to discuss what it means to find your true foundations.

“I think finding a community is so important. Even if it’s not in person, I think as I said before, the first thing I always do is read about things, find people online because when you’re just doing it alone, it seems impossible. And maybe, you’re only getting negative feedback where everybody just kind of looking at you, ‘What?” And because of the internet, I really feel there’s a group of people for every possible thing however weird it is and having that community and support makes everything seem more possible. So that would be my first thing, find other people.”

– Nicole Abramowski